Strategic design


“Humans are irreplaceable because of our baggage…every one of us has effectively relearned all of human civilization in their own way.” 

Manolis Kellis


As such, we recognize that every user may have different goals and will experience the systems we create in a unique way. So how might we effectively design efficient, enjoyable, and safe team, product, and service experiences that don’t amplify the disadvantages of the so-called “stress cases”? 

Decorative image of a desk with keyboard and open notebook with wireframe sketch and text that says "make it simple"

As we work to solve problems at their root, we become increasingly aware that we are not just designing tools for human use, but that our decisions are shaping the human experience and impacting the planet. The importance of conducting diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible user research becomes our highest priority.

With this awareness, we realize the basic physics principle “quantities [data] can’t generate qualities [human factors].”

at least not yet.


Bernardo Kastrup

Selected work

Sign as a representative cover image with text: "VA Department of Veteran Affairs Sign as a representative” with mockup of form question. Linked to case study.

VA (Veteran Affairs) Sign as a representative

Understanding Veterans’ mental model to increase application acceptance and reduce VA staff processing burden.


Short form cover image with text: VA Department of Veteran Affairs Health care application: short form with image of user flow. Linked to case study.

VA Health care application ‘short form’

Leveraging policy and user research to reduce the amount of time Veterans spend applying for health care.


ResearchOps for Open Enrollment (OE) cover image with text "Open Enrollment end-to-end research observation & synthesis direction." Image of sticky notes on a notetaking board. Linked to case study.

ResearchOps for Open Enrollment (OE)

Creating a scalable ResearchOps strategy for a program of 100.


SupChina cover image with text "SupChina new media platform design." Image of SupChina website on phone. Linked to case study.

SupChina new media platform design

Transforming a template-based blog website into a porous new media platform.


Other work

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