Over the last 7 years, I was often the only native English-speaker on the team. I took this position seriously, and seized the opportunity to hone my copywriting and UX writing craft. I translated apps and websites from Chinese to English, wrote entire websites, wrote the UX for a web-based game, created numerous project articles and social media posts, and wrote a 73-page guide to digital marketing in China for the EU SME.

March 2020

EU SME Centre – Digital Marketing Essentials

As China has risen to one of the largest consumer markets and economic powers in the world, much attention has turned to the opportunities and possibilities for foreign enterprises of all sizes around the world. It is true that there is a huge audience and the potential is endless for small and medium sized enterprises, it is also true that China is a unique market with many intricacies and a digital landscape that exists like nowhere else. This 73-page report functions as an essential introduction to the China digital landscape, for European Union small and medium-sized enterprises.

December 2019

Flow blog – Breaking the Misconceptions about Chinese Web Design

“Westerners often have the initial impression that many Chinese websites feel overwhelming, overcrowded or confusing. It is understandable, especially if the person cannot read Chinese, but there are specific reasons for these, often significant, differences between Western and Chinese web design.”

November 2019

Flow blog – Making WeChat Mini Programs

The post-app age. The WeChat OS. 350M Daily Active Users. This article for Flow Asia introduces what a WeChat mini program is and how it functions from a UX and technical perspective.

August 2017

Flow blog – Parametric QR Codes

“Recently at F8 2017 (Facebook’s Developer Conference), we couldn’t help but notice the many “new” Facebook Messenger features announced that have long been available on WeChat. Parametric QR codes being one of them.” This blog article speaks of how to implement QR codes creatively in a digital marketing strategy.

Fall 2016

The Beijing Center – Website

Jesuits have a long history of cultural exchange in China. The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies (TBC) continues this story with a library, research center and study abroad programs for students from all over the world to begin their engagement with China. I wrote and curated the content for the website.