Embassy of Switzerland – various graphic design

During my 3 years at Flow Asia I worked as the Project director on over 15 projects for the Embassy of Switzerland in China. My role was to take the brief and coordinate with the embassy staff and my team to create and print graphic design for everything from presidential visits to special events to the year-round embassy residence visuals. Here are a few.


Official visit of Swiss Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer

April 13, 2017

The design merges iconic buildings of China and Switzerland, incorporating key financial institutions of both to give recognition to Mr. Maurer’s background in finance.

  • Backdrop
  • Invitations
  • Print & set up coordination

Sino-Swiss Architecture Dialogue 2018

In order to represent the lead speaker, architect Mario Botta, we studied his many works. Taking inspiration from his trademark textures and particularly the Europa-Park Dome, we created the event VI.

  • 8-page event catalog
  • Backdrop
  • Print & set up coordination

Sustainable Finance, Investment Management and Opportunities for China and Switzerland

April 24, 2019

For a previous event we had used a sketch-like design style. The ambassador liked this style and requested it again for this event. Focusing on the always present goal of bridging Switzerland and China, we created the converging skylines on a unified horizon. Throughout the design, you will notice very subtle business and finance elements that are integrated, not to encourage a treasure hunt, but rather to spark remembrance to the visual icons of finance- upward arrows, ₣ and ¥,  bar and line graphs, ledgers, etc.

  • Backdrop
  • Invitations
  • Print & set up coordination

Venture Leaders Beijing Reception

July 4, 2019

Every year, 10 carefully selected Swiss high-tech entrepreneurs get a chance to travel around China to explore opportunities in the Chinese market and gain valuable insight to the culture with the goal of accelerating their startups’ growth.  For the design we chose buildings from each of the cities that the Venture Leaders visited. The buildings are in paper cutout style to create visual representation of traditional and modern China, and are placed above the clouds to signify growth.

  • Backdrop
  • Print & set up coordination

Swiss Innovation Week 2018

This event aims to strengthen the Swiss national brand as the most innovative country in the world, to promote the Swiss innovation capacity and to foster cooperation with Chinese stakeholders. The logo was designed as a brain with each part of the brain representing the industries that would be present at the event. Including: Art, design, science, engineering, technology, etc.

  • Event logo & VU
  • VI application (invitation, backdrops, t-shirts, etc.)
  • WeChat minisite design and development

Swiss Innovation Week 2019

The 2019 theme centered around distinguishing Switzerland as the “Home of Drones,” and bringing recognition to the more than 80 drone-related companies that call Switzerland their home. The chosen logo draws continuity to the 2018 Innovation Week brain logo, with the middle being a neuron to mark Switzerland as the focal point of the Home of Drones and when translated into 3D, the propellors provoke the feeling of deriving from the Swiss cross.

  • Original 2D & 3D logo + VI
  • Logo animation +GIF
  • VI applications (invites, backdrops, directional signs)

“As a client of Flow Asia for nearly two years, I was working with Dené on countless projects. As our Project Director, Dené always had a very proactive, energetic, creative and solution-based approach. No matter how small or how big the project, Dené provided impeccable service. She instantly understood in what direction we wanted the project to go and came up with innovative and creative solutions that reflected the overall concept. I would like to underline Dené’s positive attitude, the enthusiasm and energy she puts in developing projects together with the client and her professional support when it comes to solving problems.”

-Tobias Werder, Event Manager at the Embassy of Switzerland in China

“Your company’s support was crucial to organize a rich, diversified and high-quality program over 5 days. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words – and we believe that the visual identity designed by your team speaks volumes! The incorporation of Swisness and innovation within the sleek SIW design provided by flow.asia set the stage for the entire week of events. We appreciated your professional support, your creativity as well as your swiftness when catering to our every need. With your visual identity setting the scene for a modern and innovative event, you contributed substantially to its success and the excitement of our guests! We very much look forward to continuing our cooperation on many more occasions!”

-H.E. Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Former Ambassador to The People’s Republic of China, to Mongolia and the DPRK (2014-2019)